Your Phoenix Heart

Your phoenix heart is ready to be unlocked

Welcome to Mind Focused Monday, where I persistently support you in remembering the POWER of a TRULY FOCUSED MIND. 

This week, let me support you in realising that everyone benefits when we open the heart. To do this safely, first, you need to create a safe context by removing the dangers of your mental agitation. From here you can begin to actively take loving steps forward and to open the heart. 

Return to these keywords, open the heart, as words for you to use either out loud or in your mind’s eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra in the week ahead.

Let’s start with an important warning, open the heart when the mind is agitated and this is what causes all of the pain. Imagine the heart is a precious bird that you own, yet you have to keep it caged because you’re scared of it being hurt, damaged, or even killed.

Now intuitively, you’re super keen to allow it the freedom to fly. It really feels right within you to do that. But here’s the twist, you live in a single room apartment and own a really angry cat so you can’t let it out. Let me tell you, are you ready for this?

The agitated mind is the angry cat, prowling, provoking, unsettled, constantly looking for dramas, and always wanting to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, your guarded heart is the beautiful bird, a mythical bird with great unrealized powers and potentials. Just like a Phoenix, a beautiful phoenix just waiting to be released unshackled and to rise up from this prison that it’s held in.

So for all of us, this is about emptying the mind first, that’s right, training the angry cat, silencing the mind, and creating a safe, supportive, nurturing place inside of which your Phoenix heart can be unfettered, unguarded, and begin to fly. 

So here’s to you training this angry cat of a mind so that you can open the heart. Have an amazing week and remember that for those of you ready for change, all of the previous posts have been preparing you for this realization.

Remember to take action now! You can open the heart when you learn to actively use your focus of attention to consciously observe and quieten your agitated mind. That’s right, conscious observation allows you to choose to respond to the agitated mind or not, thereby bringing it under your perfect control. So start mindfully bringing your light of awareness to your next agitated thought by focusing your attention, changing your breathing and quieting the mind. You know you deserve it, open the heart and begin to recognise your true self-awakening.

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