A Few Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude

Making it part of your daily routine


Find specific times in your day where you can focus on being grateful. For example, every time you make a cup of tea, do the laundry or do the washing up. At these ordinary moments train your mind to switch off autopilot thinking and think instead of things in your life that you are grateful for. Over time and with practice, this will become more ingrained and you will find you naturally begin to feel gratitude when doing your everyday tasks. 

Journaling each morning and evening is a great way to remind your brain to look on the positive side and be grateful. Simply writing down 3 things you are grateful for as soon as you make up can make a huge difference in how you feel all day. And what you are grateful for will gradually become your automatic first thoughts of the day.

Waking up grateful is something you need to teach yourself. Humans have a natural negativity bias meaning we are usually quite pessimistic by nature, read Fading Pleasure for more on this. 

Try to be thankful every time you sit down for a meal, especially one that has been cooked for you. If sharing mealtimes with friends or family try asking them what they are grateful for in their lives.  A great way to train your kids to think of the positive aspects of life.

Creating Ease in Your Life


Being grateful will certainly help to create more joy, ease and flow in your life but it won’t guarantee bad things won’t show up from time to time.   However, once you are in the mindset of gratitude and joy, when things do happen that are stressful you will be able to handle them a lot more easily. Your mind will automatically go to find a solution or look at how you can change the situation into a positive.   Being this way will also have a positive impact on those around you as they will feel your positive vibes and hear your optimistic language. 

It is thought that people who practice gratitude are more likely to exercise, have fewer dietary restrictions and are less likely to smoke or drink alcohol (Emmon’s 2003). As we know, exercise has many benefits including increasing natural levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, reducing stress and clearing your mind – all helpful components to set yourself up for being grateful.   If you feel that you don’t have the willpower to exercise then get yourself an exercise buddy who can also be your gratitude buddy. Ask each other 3-5 things you are both grateful for when you meet up. 

So next time you hear yourself sounding negative, notice the feeling that goes with that. How do you want to sound to others and how do you want to feel inside. Creating a positive and grateful attitude will attract other people to you, which creates connection, fulfillment, and love in your life.

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