Turning Off Your Thoughts

Welcome to Mind Focused Monday, where I persistently support you in remembering the POWER of a TRULY FOCUSED MIND.

Let’s start each week by slowing down, emptying the mind, and opening the heart, in preparation for the week ahead and living abundantly now. Take a long, deep loving breath in, and exhale, everything that doesn’t help you, support you or serve you.

On the path to a truly focused mind, you will eventually arrive at and become familiar with a mental place of mind emptiness. In supporting you with this journey I’m going to encourage you to enjoy this week’s keywords, EMPTY YOUR MIND, either out loud or in your mind’s eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra in the week ahead.

As being curious about the empty mind arises, you may begin asking inquiring questions. Let’s have a quick and friendly, enquiring Q&A session:

How can I empty my mind of life’s busyness? Explore and start doing meditation, EMPTY YOUR MIND!


How can I empty my mind of life’s challenges? Understand and apply thought control, EMPTY YOUR MIND!


How can I empty my mind of life’s tensions? Study and implement life balance, EMPTY YOUR MIND!


How can I be emptying my mind of life’s stressors? Learn about and start relaxation techniques, EMPTY YOUR MIND!

Busyness, seeing challenges, experiencing tensions and stressors are all learned behaviours at the level of the mind. So let’s explore which small behaviours or environments you can choose to change to significantly enhance your quality of life.

Many years ago I used to drive for about 15 hours a week to get to and from appointments as an important part of my job. I realised like most things in life I had a choice about how to best use my driving time. So I decided to switch off the repetitive mundane radio stations and to switch on the self-development, educational CDs from gifted people around the world… Over the years it went from, CDs to MP3s to YouTube and also from being a car to being a moving educational institution or a mobile University.

So EMPTY YOUR MIND of old, out of date, obsolete thinking and re-engineer the world around you in supportive, life-enhancing ways. Give yourself the best chance possible of a better tomorrow through a commitment to focused life-enhancing education.


The next step, to maybe consider as you EMPTY YOUR MIND, is making a list of areas in your life where a change is long overdue. Enjoy making a list of the new habits and behaviours that you have been considering for some time. Then, to start gaining momentum,  pick an easy area, in your current week, of totally wasted time and change it immediately. Some examples from my life to date include replacing spending time with negative family members, replacing playing poker with more productive pastimes and replacing everyday TV with educational endeavours.

Have an amazing week, EMPTY YOUR MIND of habits that no longer serve and I’ll look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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