‘To Know And Not To Do Is Not To Know’ Chinese Proverb

When we learn things that could improve our lives and the lives of others but don’t take action, we are keeping ourselves stuck in a frustrating circle. 

So why do we sabotage or keep ourselves at the same level rather than level up? 


Is it laziness? Is it fear? Is it a belief that we don’t deserve better? Or all of the above? Our ego thinks it is keeping us safe by preventing change or growth because in the past this may have been painful. For example, our first transition into the world can be a traumatic experience for a lot of babies. Imagine being in a comfortable, protective world for 9 months to then have to push out of a tight gap, or maybe having to be pulled out with forceps or a cesarian birth into bright lights and the unknown. For a newborn taking their first breaths can be stressful and if the cord is cut too soon it can put stress on the baby’s heart and brain. The baby can then associate change with pain and therefore create huge resistance to change and growth of any kind in their life. 

We are either growing or dying and I know which one I choose every time – Growth! Even if growth is painful, tough and unbearable, it usually helps us to learn lessons, hopefully, grow in consciousness and emerge a better version of ourselves.

If we don’t learn the lessons along the way they tend to repeat. 


Take the time to ask inside ‘what am I due to learn from this experience?’ whether good or bad.

Whatever challenges you have in life there is always help. All we need to do is reach out. I have personally found external courses have benefited me greatly and have helped me get to the next level and improve myself. I visualise my growth in stages, like going up stairs. I can literally feel a shift when I’ve reached another step. My whole energy changes and I’m noticeably more relaxed and behave in a more heart-based way than before. I also visualise this in sport. You keep practicing, taking lessons from others, practice again, work on your fitness, go through some pain and frustration until you eventually shift, you break your previous record, you’re in the zone and boom! Up the stairs you go.

Life is happening now, stop putting things off and procrastinating.


So if you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life and need help climbing up to the next level check out Everest course or for insights and information visit One Breath Global. 

Thanks for reading, have a peaceful week.