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Being optimistic during challenging times

Greg talks about being optimistic, during challenging times.

And there’s ways that we can generate optimism from deep within ourselves. It is an uphill climb and it’s not easy for everyone straight away.


Heart-Based Living

Are you sick of the agony and the DRAMA of the mind?

Are you fed up of constantly STRESSING and panicking about life?

Are you bored of INDECISION and procrastination?

Here Greg shares some SIMPLE ways that you can begin moving out of your head and into heart-based living.

Take steps to really ENJOY your life more!


Six Success Strategies

Would you like to make your life a whole lot EASIER?

Or would you like to make your RELATIONSHIPS just flow smoothly?

Or are you ready to become more EFFICIENT?


Mental Agitation

Greg discusses overcoming mental agitation in order to be able to go and enjoy a mind that is an oasis, a wellspring, a place of clarity and harmony.

Super powered brain

Super Powers

Become aware of the energy that you have available to choose to control the stillness or the movements of the mind. This energy is often referred to as willpower.