Tag: Getting Started

Are You Careful Who Your Friends Are?

Would you like to know the true danger of keeping bad company?

Or like to know why one minute you’re able to complete your exercise, healthy eating, and yoga goals daily, the next you’re not?

Or how to become more consistent with your health?


Are You Stressed?

We all have the ability to create peace and happiness in our lives if we just know how and where to look. We need to be talking about these solutions more.


A Quick Energy Booster!

Are you thinking about skipping your workout most days? When you’re feeling tired and want to reserve energy? Is it the first thing you drop? Here is why it shouldn’t be! 


Change Your Mindset

So how do you change your mindset to being grateful for everything in your life even when it feels like everything has gone to pot around you?


Where Is Your Focus?

So many things will always be happening in our personal worlds, there will always be things you need to do. But if you can introduce habits that make you more present, you will waste a lot less of your time being trapped in your head when you could be experiencing happiness.