Super Powers

Super powered brain

Welcome to Mind Focused Monday, where I persistently support you in remembering the POWER of a TRULY FOCUSED MIND. 

This week, let me support you in realising that we can all experience personal superpowers. Let me help you understand that it begins by accepting, that often we are on automatic pilot and out of control. From this startling admission, we can consciously work towards regaining control then triggering our personal superpowers.

Return to these keywords, personal superpowers, as words for you to use either out loud or in your mind’s eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra in the week ahead.

Become aware of your personal energy within right now. Fully consider this energy that you have available to you. Now focus specifically on the energy of the choice mechanism within you. That’s right, focus on the energy that you use to choose to control the stillness or the movements of the mind. 

Stay with me, this energy is often referred to as willpower. That’s right. With dedicated practice, using your willpower, you can choose where you focus your mind and also bring your mind under perfect control.  It’s another aspect of the beauty of maintaining your mental hygiene and keeping a laser focus by using your willpower. So be aware that when under your permanent control at all times this is, in fact, a personal superpower

Some of the payoffs include laser focus, increased energy, stable moods, and a positive outlook. The challenge for most people is that the personal superpower has become so weak that your guard is down permanently. You have no strength left to put up any defenses, your mind has become a ghetto that is overrun by unwanted rogue thoughts. Let’s look at a few metaphors to establish this point.

If this was Superman, it’s as if someone has put Kryptonite around his neck. You have lost sight of your true identity, you have lost access to your true gifts and your personal superpowers. If this was a vehicle, the battery is nearly flat, the connections are all loose, the system is misfiring, at best daily you have 30 percent efficiency and you consider this normal. If this was a teenager, they are out of control, running wild, full of attitude and with limited or no motivation. Due to the lack of willpower, the mind is being taken hostage by thoughts, judgments, misconceptions, false identities and so much more.

You are allowing your mind to be permanently kidnapped. So what can be done to change this? Firstly, you must have a deep inner desire to want to change. You must have strong aspirations and be determined to be different. You must have a vision of how you will be as a person once you have mastered this personal superpower. Good! So with determined efforts, the Kryptonite will be removed, the vehicle will be restored, and the teenager will mature into a beautiful adult.

Have an amazing week and remember that for those of you that are ready for change, take action now. Grow up, repair the vehicle, and start releasing your personal superpowers now. You know you deserve it, your true identity and a quiet focused mind, that is really you. For additional reassurances, for help, for support, and for inspiration, check out everything we offer at One Breath Global. Have an amazing week.

For additional reassurance, help, support, and inspiration check out everything we offer at One Breath Global.

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