Light of Wisdom

Light of Wisdom

Welcome to Mind Focused Monday, where I persistently support you in remembering the POWER of a TRULY FOCUSED MIND. 

This week, let me support you in realising that we can all experience a sunrise within. Let me help you understand that it begins with a flicker or glimpse of light from within the darkness. From here the dark clouds can begin to part, the blue sky can appear and you can experience a sunrise within.

Return to these keywords, a sunrise within, as words for you to use either out loud or in your mind’s eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra in the week ahead.

When we experience a sunrise within often and easily on the inside, we dispel the darkness, which includes emptying the noise of the mind, that is the sun rising within us and the darkness of the mind being dispelled. So take heart because just a glimmer or flicker of light within is all you need to get you started and it’s easier to locate and you might think.

At One Breath Global, our initial suggestion is to follow something simple which is naturally occurring and in abundant supply. For example, follow your breath. Just follow it in for a count of four, one, two, three, four, and then follow it out for a count of four, three, two, one.

Be totally focused, absorbed, and curious about the breath. Get immersed in it, give the breath your full attention and follow it in for the count of four. Follow it into your Heart Center for the count of four, and now release the breath out for four, whilst relaxing and letting go. Very good. Repeating this for just five minutes or more daily will provide the oxygen for the spark or glimmer of a sunrise within. Then gradually, as the lights of regaining your focus of attention returns, the darkness of the mind will begin to disperse. The gifts of space, silence, peace, and quiet can enter you one breath at a time.

The light of wisdom, a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, which was a walkthrough for Westerners says, “as the darkness of night vanishes when the sun rises so to the darkness of ignorance and delusion is dispelled when you gain knowledge of your true self.”

Have an amazing week and remember that for those of you ready for change, take action now. This is about actively creating a sunrise within by bringing your lights of consciousness to focused breathing for 5 to 10 minutes daily, one breath at a time

So head towards experiencing that glimmer by focusing your attention on your breath. Breathing mindfully while quietening the mind, you know you deserve it. Your true self-awakening with a sunrise within, that is a quiet mind, that is you. 

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