How to Become More Present And In The Heart

We live in a mind based world where the average person’s mind is full of agitation and unwanted thoughts. Things from our past such as trauma can be ruining our present moments. 

What we think about we create and what we believe becomes our reality. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have the feeling of calm and centeredness all day long no matter what we had going on in our world? Well it is possible and it becomes possible when we get into our heart. When we’re truly in our hearts we soften, we lose the need for petty drama, we focus on harmony and building better relationships. The mental chatter we had going on constantly, calms down to an intermittent, faded sound. 

When we live from the heart we always do what is right, we love ourselves and others more and we become conscious of everything and everyone.

When we live from our ego we are not coming from a place of love, connection or understanding and ultimately we suffer when we are ego based. So how does one get into the heart when we’ve been living out of our minds for so long? It takes practice and dedication and the first step is to make the decision that you want to become heart based. 

Once you have made that decision you can start by pausing whenever you have decisions to make – you can start off with small things by choosing small acts of kindness daily and going out of your way to be more generous and loving. It is also vital that you have self-love. So giving yourself time for self-care, feeding yourself nourishing food and spending time with people who lift you up is all heart-based and loving.

Another good way of getting into your heart is to meditate and focus on your spiritual heart which is in the centre of the chest – this creates more awareness of the heart chakra and shifts the focus from the head and will help to quieten the mind. When you take the time to pause, focus on the spiritual heart centre and ask yourself an internal question, or what the heart based answer is to any response or action you are about to take, you will know what the right thing to do is.

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Thanks for reading, have a peaceful and heart based week.