From Stuck To Momentum

Hi everybody, Greg here from One Breath Global and today I want to talk to you again about the important topic of measurement. 

In life we should measure absolutely everything. Now think about measurement. If you want to be the first in line for promotion in work, you should be measuring everything and if you want to make sure that when the pay rises are on offer your name is top of the list, then you want to start measuring everything. And maybe it’s about you being recognized, but all of the contributions that you’re making: in your family, in your community, in work. If that’s the case, then you need to start measuring. First of all, think about how seriously are you taking life and maybe you need to step up there. Secondly, think about what are the areas currently that you are measuring your progress and the areas that you’re not? Because therein lies a phenomenal opportunity. 

Now, everyone seems to be measuring in most areas. For example, if you go to your Doctor from a health point of view, you might get your blood pressure taken, or they might look at your heart and look at your heartbeat. If it’s with regards to money, maybe you’re measuring your cash flow or looking at your bank balance? With regards to your well being, maybe you measure your weight or you take other statistical measurements in order to keep track of how you’re doing. Maybe with regards to fitness, you look at your resting heart rate and measure that in order to determine how fit you are, or not. But with regards to growth, what is it that we can measure? 

Well, to be honest, we can measure absolutely anything and one of the things I then courage you to measure, that’s right, It’s your levels of happiness.

“How do you measure happiness?” you might ask. That’s something I want you to begin to consider deeply. 

Now, currently I’m taking a challenge and I want to encourage you to do the same. I’m on a 28-day soup challenge, so therefore, I get soup and I get smoothies each and every day. Can you imagine for 28 days? To be honest, they’re very delicious! They’re made by my partner, Samantha, and she’s on the challenge as well. And what is it that I’m challenging myself to do? – Well, I’m exploring my health, my vitality, and also, I’m looking to shed a few pounds in the new year. Thanks for asking, because yeah, It’s actually going very well at the moment! 

What I’m encouraging you to do is – Take a challenge! Set yourself a bar…a high bar! Something that it’s important for you to get over. So that not only can you measure the improvements that you’re making, you can also enjoy the challenge, enjoy being self-aware, and observing ‘what are the things that are going on inside of you, as you engage and you make progress?’ 

It’s important when you measure to make sure that you’re responsible for your progress. That’s right! It’s not about blaming other people or looking for excuses so that you can stop the challenge. It’s about making sure you take responsibility. You dig deep…You focus… And you put all the effort in that’s required.

Now…you’re going to get some support, because actually the more successful that you become when you approach your challenge, the more your brain builds neural pathways. Science now has this area called ‘Neuroplasticity’ and they know that with each success a new neural pathway is formed; and we don’t want you having pathways or roads…We want you to have motorways of information, super high-ways! So remember, every time you are successful, a new layer is contributed, it’s added, the success therefore gets easier and easier just as in the past, the failure would constantly repeat itself. Now with each success you’ve got these successes, repeating over and over supporting you, not just in the context that you’re currently measuring, what you’ll find is showing up in many, many different areas of your life. So make sure you apply yourself to the right action, and in doing that, building your own pathways that you want. Add determination… That’s right! Don’t be a weakling or a snowflake or just get blown off whatever the plan is that you’ve set yourself. Be determined! Rise up every day and make sure that you are committed to efforts and super-efforts, and succeed in the challenges that you’re setting yourself.

Build the road to success.


Now with regards to measurement, it’s really important… Set a challenge that is big, bright, and compelling. Something that you know deep inside is really important to you. Something deep inside you know you want to achieve. For example, if we decided to fly to the stars or go to the moon, maybe if it was a star we choose, it is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, that’s right! It’s big, it’s bright, it’s easy for us to see. It’s compelling. It draws us in in the same way that the moon does. Look at the moon on a night when it’s a full moon. Not only is it auspicious, but it’s big, It’s bright and it’s easy for us to locate and find. It’s exactly the same with you’re goals, make your goals big, bright and compelling! 

Give yourself active reasons as to why you want to achieve and arrive at such a destination. 


Now in heading to the destination, it’s easy for you to know whether you’re heading upwards towards it or in fact you’re spiraling downwards. Either way, use the measures to your advantage. 

If you feel you’re falling, it means you need to dig deeper, be more determined, put in more effort, and if you’re rising naturally and quickly, then enjoy the sights as you change your perception, change your altitude and journey easily and simply towards your goal. Most importantly, pay attention to when you’re on course or when you’re off course. Quite often people say it’s easy when you’re heading in the right direction. Sometimes we need to head in the wrong direction, even if it’s momentarily, to remind us to take stock, to become self aware, to reapply the levels of determination and effort and to get moving again. Take responsibility all the time and if you do manage to drift off course slightly, be kind to yourself. Give yourself some active encouragement and just get on the path as quickly as you can. 

As you do this is blind spots are going to come up. 

Blind spots are things that you can’t see. Look at cars when we drive?…Why do they have mirrors? Because there’s blind spots. And why is it that when we get in the car and we’re about to pull out…that’s right…we look over our shoulder, because there’s another blind spot. So what we need to do is make sure that we become aware of our blind spots. Now, blind spots, can be something to do with our beliefs, it could be something to do with our emotions, for example: anger, sadness, fear, guilt, all of these areas can be blind spots. Your blind spot could be your identity. Who is it that you think you are in life, and then who is it that you really are? So blind spots can come up in many ways and how do we encourage you to deal with them, well you can deal with them head on, obviously personally, but if you’re blind to them, you probably going to need to enroll someone. 

And I’m going to encourage you, for your journey, to get a buddy. Engage with someone that will support you, guide you, and point out the things that you are not seeing where the blind spots show up. 


Blind spots are when we quite simply can’t see them. That’s right, we’re blind to them, but also we can be deaf to things. Have you ever been in the company of someone and when you’re telling them something over and over, they just simply don’t get it? They can’t hear you. Oh, that’s right. They’re deaf to something. Other people become numb so they’re blind to their feelings. They don’t really feel things they’re cut off, sadly, they’re disconnected. 

So you can find blind spots that are arising in many, many different areas and these blind spots could be at home, they could be at work, they could be inside of personal relationships. They can be in many, many, many different areas. So get yourself a buddy and begin to look for the blind spots. 

Another area that can be helpful when you’re measuring and you’re looking for areas to improve, maybe get yourself involved in a mastermind group. Get together with a group of your peers. This is a dynamic group, a group of people who know where they’re heading and know what they want. The group is a group that’s designed for giving and receiving. Hear it? Giving and receiving, and not everyone’s good at both. A mastermind group demands focus and demands your attention, so masterminding could be a great way, once you’ve set your goal, to make sure that you move towards it and you move quickly. Also, within the masterminds, you’re keeping good company. People that you respect and revere… Maybe even people that you look up to.  So, get involved in a mastermind group and enjoy masterminding.

Use failure as a measurement. 


That’s right! The famous saying, ‘there is no failure, there is only feedback’. Or ‘there’s no failure, there’s only feed forward’. Which means that those errors or issues, dilemma’s or difficulties that you face, they simply give you a bit of a smack and then point you in the right direction. 

Failure as an internal feeling, it’s got that, “Oh!” … that “dread”. It just allows you to realize, ‘Oh no, this is the wrong direction and need to change my cause and the need to head off another way’. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not something that’s there to tell you to quit or to get down on yourself. Let’s think of a couple of examples. When we first learned to ride a bike; riding a bike is all about balance in personal development, balance is so important. When you’re measuring, of course, you’re looking to find the center point, the point of balance. Yet when we rode a bike the first time we fell off, did we simply give up? Well, hopefully the answer is no, we didn’t. We got back on and we tried again. Maybe we put stabilizes in place or maybe someone held for a short moment of time until we began to enjoy the energy of freewheeling forward. Having found our balance and having being able to maintain that trajectory. Think about little babies that learn, toddlers. Think about when they learn to walk. If a baby falls over, it’s commonly laughed at. Now do we say, “Oh, you’ll never walk. You’re a failure. Give up.” ?  No. Children are encouraged. People get cameras out. Everyone said, “Oh, did you see them? “ The whole universe is supportive when a child is beginning to walk. And that’s the way you should be with yourself in terms of your goals. Be 100% supportive, not only of yourself, also of other people. See the best in them. See what’s good. Say “Oh it’ll be okay next time” or “let’s see you try it again”. Make it exciting!

So what else does feedback give you? It gives you the opportunity to be self-aware, to grow yourself awareness. As human beings we’re here to learn! Yeah! Not just about the planet and the things that we’re engaged in, also to learn about ourselves. So, whenever we think things aren’t going according to plan, that’s okay. Make some notes and measure what’s occurring and use that self-awareness as you go forward to help you again to move more quickly towards that big bright, compelling target that you set yourself. Now, if you’re going to commit resources and what we’re talking about is time, energy, money, maybe you’re going to do a course? Make sure you do your research. Do your background checks. Measure…measure the people that are running the event. Measure the feedback of historic delegates. Make sure that you take the time to put yourself in situations inside of which you know that you can thrive. It’s simple! For example, if we were planting a seed, obviously we stick it in stony ground, nothing’s going to happen. We stick it in sand, things are unlikely to happen. We put the seed in soil that is full of nutrients and vitamins and minerals and then we hydrate that, then obviously that seed is going to bloom. It’s the same for you. Measure the environment and plant yourself in the environment that is most supportive, a natural habitat inside of which you will get the best out of yourself. 

Stand on the shoulders of giants. 


You’re measuring, you want to move forward. You want to achieve your goal. If things aren’t quite going according to plan, stand on the shoulders of giants. Who are the giants? Well, the giants could be like a volume of work in a particular field that you’ve chosen. Study that volume of work, engage yourself in those activities. But the giant could also be a person. Someone that is respected and revered. Someone that you look up to, someone whose company you would like to be in. So be prepared, put yourself in the environment and stand on their shoulders. The question that they’ll be asking of you though is, ‘Are you coachable?’. Remember the blind spots? Are you someone that actively takes on advice and then takes action and applies it? That’s what giants want to see! So, if you want to know that you and the giant are getting on really well, make sure you’re the person that A, is listening up and B, is taking massive action. 

So like I said to you, you apply these ideas, you will definitely be recognized for your contribution. Because your contribution will never be static. It will be constantly changing as you upgrade yourself on the many, many journeys you’re going to take to many different compelling destinations that you choose for yourself. And with regards to the people who want to be top of the list. Whenever there’s a pay rise coming up, well think about it. The people who are constantly growing and measuring, getting rid of their blind spots, reaching their destination, of course they’re the people that we want to reward most. Of course, they’re the people that are going to be top of the list when it comes to a pay rise. And if it’s promotion that you’re interested in. Then again, deal with your blind spots. Deal with your issues. Deal with your problems. Deal with all the challenges that you face. 

Become someone that’s motivated not by others, motivated by the aims, aspirations and dreams that you set yourself. You won’t be the person in work that sat around waiting for someone to give you something to do. You are the one that’s taking the challenge on personally…Why? Because you see yourself as the challenge and everyone in the office around you, in the environment around you. Whenever promotion comes up or we say, who is the worthiest person here? Who’s the person that’s demonstrating time and time again? They’re the one that’s championing what we do and making massive strides in terms of their development and growth and the development and growth of the entire organization. So do yourself a favor, begin measuring immediately. Measure everything. Put in the effort. Put in the super-efforts. Be determined. And I look forward to hearing the magical stories about you arriving at your outcomes. 

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