Does Radical Change Scare You?

Does Radical Change Scare You? Does it bring up fear and resistance? If you answered Yes to this, you are part of a large group of the population who feel the same.

This is why many people stay stuck in the same jobs for years that they hate, the same dissatisfying relationships and staying the same weight for years unable to shift those extra pounds. 


Many people have the belief that ‘change is scary’ and that ‘change is hard’. Of course, it will be if those are your beliefs. So to get to the root of the problem we must look at our beliefs and fears first.

Ask yourself questions such as ‘what would my life look like if I got that new job with a pay rise? Or how would my life be if I could be a size 8 again? What changes and sacrifices would you have to make that happen? Getting up half an hour earlier to commute or giving up certain foods or alcohol to achieve that beautiful body.

So once you’ve identified the beliefs you have around change and the blocks or resistance you have around what you may need to sacrifice, next you can start slowly saying the opposite to your self. Losing weight is easy. I deserve that new job/that pay rise etc. See yourself on the beach feeling and looking fabulous! Visualise yourself in your new job surrounded by supportive co-workers.

Attitude matters – in everything. If you change your attitude to something it can become pleasant. Start by making small changes in your life such as walking or stopping alcohol in the week and going to the gym or a yoga class instead. Soon these small changes will become healthy habits and you may find you will have become a better person in the process. Less stressed, fitter and happier. Habits matter! So make your habits healthy. Not only will you be a good role model for your friends and family, but your body will also show healthy habits in as little as a week.

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