Find a way to create a connection in the world and make a difference. 


The simple act of giving helps us feel more connected to others, which imbues our lives with a sense of meaning. By helping others, by sharing our love, kindness, and compassion with those around us, we connect with the truth of who we are, with the truth of who everyone else is. And in this process of helping, sharing, loving and connecting, we discover that even though on the surface we might all look very different from one another, at the core level we are all the same. When we give beyond ourselves, we live in a world of abundance and compassion.


  • Behavioral: Promotes connection and trust. Spreads to others.
  • Cognitive: Shifts your perspective from yourself to others.
  • Emotional: Helps increase feelings of calm and happiness. Evokes gratitude. Promotes a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
  • Health: Increases energy and wellness. Reduces pain.


There are many ways to help out a fellow human being today. These don’t need to be grand gestures; even small, everyday behaviors can have an impact on others and on your own sense of well-being. The most important part of contributing to others, is the intention behind it which should always be to create happiness for the receiver – to give unconditionally and from the heart, without expectation.  

A few simple ways you can contribute are:

  • Every time you meet someone, give them a joyful gift; a smile, a compliment, a silent blessing of happiness, a flower or some other simple gesture of kindness (without expecting anything in return). 
  • Express your love – a hug, a kind word, be friendly etc. 
  • Be present and listen, just be there for someone.
  • Stop to help or give assistance. 
  • Volunteer to help others.