Are You Careful Who Your Friends Are?

Would you like to know the true danger of keeping bad company?


Or like to know why one minute you’re able to complete your exercise, healthy eating, and yoga goals daily, the next you’re not?

Or how to become more consistent with your health?

Do you ever find that one minute you’re able to complete your exercise, healthy eating, and yoga goals daily, the next you’ve stopped and let it slip again? You’ve slipped back into bad habits, a more unhealthy lifestyle?


Do you start a diet every Monday but then by Friday find you’re back to overeating and junk food? Do you go to the gym at the start of the month but after a week or two it’s the last thing on your list and you realize after a while you have not been for ages?? This kind of yo yo lifestyle is all too common and here I’m going to tell you why and how you can avoid it.

You might already feel like you’re putting in SUPER EFFORTS, but nothing is working? I am going to tell you how you can refocus these SUPER EFFORTS and see them become truly effective.

The motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It is thought that your friends, acquaintances and the people you habitually associate or socialise with “determine as much as 95 percent of your success or failure in life.”

The truth is, while this is a nice metaphor, you are actually influenced by far more than just your 5 closest friends, it is actually your much wider network.

A major study was undertaken by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowleron on the extent of social influence.

The results are fascinating.


If a friend of yours becomes obese, you yourself are 45 % more likely than average chance to gain weight over the next 2-4 years!

More surprisingly though if a friend of your friend becomes obese, your likelihood of gaining weight still increases by about 20% (even if you don’t know that friend of a friend!)

The effect even continues one more person out, still 10 percent more likely than random chance to gain weight.

Your friends influence you, but so do their friends, and so do their friends of friends.


How can this be possible? The research that spanned over 3 decades identifies that the most likely explanation was ‘norms’.

If a friend or their friend is obese, your perception of what is normal and acceptable changes and therefore your behavior change accordingly.

They also found a similar result with smoking rates. If your friend smokes, you are 61 % more likely to smoke!

Luckily, the same is also true for more positive things too, for example, happy friends make you happier.

You are influenced by all of the people who surround you, they will impact your behaviour, your habits, and your life. So take a mindful look around and make sure you’re in the right company.

More on this topic can be found in David Burkus book: Friend of a Friend

Surround yourself with people you admire. Write a list of the top 20 qualities you would like to have. Then write a list of people you know who share those similar qualities. For example, if you want to eat well who is the healthiest person you know? Once you have the list make an effort to focus your social commitments around the right people.

The company you keep needs to be supportive and aligned otherwise no matter how much effort you put in, you have the odds stacked against you. Invest your SUPER EFFORTS into building the right network and the rest will then become much easier.

If you are finding that your efforts to complete your health and fitness goals are not sufficient, you need to recognize that you have a need for this super effort. This super effort may also include weaning yourself off personalities that don’t support you or serve you and recognizing when you’re in bad company.

Set the foundations for success first!


So this is the true danger of keeping bad company, the level of influence they have but also the influence of those they associate with is enormous.

This is why one minute you’re able to complete your exercise, healthy eating, and yoga goals daily, the next you’re not. Your super efforts are misplaced and therefore unsustainable!

Spend time with others who have achieved consistency with their health and suddenly it will become far easier to do the same.

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